Voice of Member

Actionable Insight

Member Loyalty

Your members have thousands of choices for financial services.

And more often than ever they’re listening to one another to make those choices. 26% of consumers ages 18 to 29 use online word-of-mouth and another 45% use face-to-face discussions to choose financial products.

That’s why every member interaction must be consistently flawless, surprisingly easy, and extraordinarily engaging. One bad experience can have a ripple effect, but making a great impression can lead to repeat business and credit union membership growth.

That’s where we come in. Our only business is helping credit unions create brand-defining member experiences by providing actionable insights and post-research tools and analytics to help you make sense of it all.

How Young Consumers Choose Financial Products*

Online word-of-mouth

Face-to-face discussion

*Among consumers ages 18 to 29 choosing a financial product

Voice of Member

We start by gathering member feedback at every touchpoint and at every opportunity. Our omnichannel technology allows you to customize a voice of member program to capture member input everywhere from your mobile app to your teller receipts and for every experience from using your website to closing a loan. Use our standard surveys or customize your surveys at no extra charge. Multi-language surveys are available.
Add MemberShoppers, the credit union industry’s largest provider of mystery shopping services, for granular detail about the member experience. You’ll understand why more credit unions turn to us for mystery shopping than any other provider. Shop all of your delivery channels. Find out what gives your credit union a competitive edge with competitor shops.

For an even deeper dive into the member experience, conduct periodic user testing and online panels. Over two-thirds of young adults 18 to 29 bank online and over half use a mobile app for banking. We’ll help you make your omnichannel experience flawless.

Gain Insight

We turn your voice of member data into actionable insights. Here’s how.

We get everyone on your team involved in asking the right questions and finding the best answers. Everyone from the CEO to team leaders have the power to quickly visualize, analyze and share what members are saying with MXProdigy –our intuitive technology platform.

MXProdigy allows your credit union to drill deep into trends. View mystery shop and survey results by delivery channel, experience type, member demographics, region, branch team, and individual employee.

MXProdigy lets you create more accountability around multi-touch processes such as lending by scoring steps in the process—origination, processing, and closing.

Put all of your data into perspective with MXPeer benchmarking. With over 1 million member surveys from credit unions in all asset categories, we provide our partner credit unions with the most sophisticated peer scoring model available

Take Action

Transform your credit union’s member experience by turning insight into profitable action. Making sense of what to do with big data can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve built in action tools. We’ll help your credit union understand not only what members think, but how to respond.

Start by responding immediately to member feedback—both good and bad.With our real-time low-score alerts you can stop potential member defection. Easy-to-access member contact information allows coaches to respond to all feedback for their branches, departments, and employees.

Generate sales with our real-time sales alerts. Gain even more positive word-of-mouth with our push-to-social feature.

Use built-in MXPerformance coaching tools and training to reward team members who exemplify brand standards and create action plans for underperformers.

Build strategic process improvement planning tools with one click for any experience and any delivery channel.

Use built-in follow-up emails to inform members of your progress and let them know their voice was heard.