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Is It The Teller’s Fault?

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A great member experience comes at the intersection of amazing people working within flawless processes. That’s why we advise every MemberView Voice of Member user to measure both the performance of people and the member-centricity of credit union processes.

Of course that’s easier said than done when it comes to survey question construction.  In an effort to make surveys short for members, it’s easy to bake research flaws into the process.  Bruce Tempkin provides a good example in his analysis of a Domino’s pizza survey.

The Domino’s follow-up survey asked, “Was the delivery driver punctual and polite?”

In this case, the driver was polite but the pizza was late.  So how do you rate the driver?  Does he get 5 stars for being polite or 1 star for being late?  Or should you just give him a 3?  What if it wasn’t his fault the pizza was late?  Maybe the baker was slow or messed up the order the first time.

The problem for Domino’s is that they’ll never have a clear understanding of the driver’s performance or of possible flaws in their process by asking this question.  Not only does it ask about two separate aspects of the employee’s performance; it also asks about a possible process issue.

Here’s what that would look like in a credit union member experience survey for a teller named Annette:

Was Annette quick and friendly in assisting you with your transaction?

Annette might very well have been quick, but she had the personality of a potted plant.   Or maybe she was perfectly pleasant, but the system was slow and she had trouble processing the transaction quickly.

We find that in those cases, most members will split the difference and give her a “3” or “4” on a 5-point scale and then add a comment explaining why the question was frustrating.  Given that the score then gets aggregated with lots of other survey results, the credit union gains very little understanding of where specific problems with the member experience lie.

So what’s a better way to ask without creating survey fatigue?  Disguise two questions as one with a grid:

Sample Question

Follow up Annette’s rating with our MXEasy Member Effort question, i.e., “How easy did we make it for you to complete your transaction?” and “What could we have done to make it easier?”  That will take care of getting feedback on processes.

By crafting more targeted survey questions, you not only get better feedback on the member experience, you reduce the risk of punishing good team members for process flaws.

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