How many shops can I do a month?

We generally send you a shop assignment offer at the beginning of the month. You’ll receive one or more offers per month depending on our needs.

When and how will I receive payment for my shop?

At the end of each month, MemberShoppers will send your credit union a list of all the shoppers who have successfully completed a shop during the month. The credit union will then automatically deposit the appropriate payment amount directly into your main membership share (savings) account.  In some cases, you’ll receive a check directly from us.

How will I submit my shop?

It’s easy to submit your shop electronically via on your computer or mobile device. Be sure to submit your shop within 24 hours of your shopping experience in order to receive payment.

I love shopping. How can I shop for other companies?

If you like mystery shopping, and you’d like to shop for more companies, the best thing to do is to visit the Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association of North America (MSPA) website.  You can register to be a shopper for over 250 mystery shopping companies. You’ll also have the opportunity to become a certified shopper. MSPA represents only legitimate and ethical mystery shopping companies.