MemberXP is proud to collaborate with the Filene Research Institute’s Member Journey program to bring our clients the credit union industry’s best and brightest member experience solutions.  Here’s how it works.

Benchmark Member Effort

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Use MemberView to benchmark member effort for 3 to 5 critical member experiences.

Continue to monitor member effort as changes are made and bring transparency to these important measures across the organization with MXProdigy dynamic analytics.

Map the Member Journey

Filene leads your team in mapping your 3 to 5 critical member experiences.

Your strategic roadmap leads you from strategy to execution.

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Amplify the Member Experience Even Further with Three Powerful Options

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Filene conducts Live observational research to help you understand the online and mobile member journey.

Filene leads your team in an Innovation Immersion.

Filene puts your top ideas through prototype testing.