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Create Brand Ambassadors with MemberShoppers

Your brand is your weakest employee on his or her worst day.

Let’s face it. Your brand is more than carefully crafted service promises. The consistent, flawless delivery of those promises make your brand. MemberShoppers can take your credit union teams from employees to brand ambassadors. Because you can’t afford a weak link.

Your credit union is unique.

Your MemberShoppers program is custom-crafted.

Because only members can open accounts at the credit union, and because credit unions have a restricted field of membership, we instruct your own members to look for specific service and selling behaviors when they do their business with the credit union. This eliminates shopper exposure and increases the validity of your results. Or, if you prefer, we also have a pool of experienced professional shoppers that you can use instead of or in addition to your current members

MemberShoppers measures over 144 factors that lead to member loyalty and repurchase. We’ll help you craft customized shop questions that reflect your culture’s priorities and values. Shop any delivery channel—branch, contact center, personal teller machines, online apps, mobile apps, and more.

Transform your team into brand ambassadors.

The real power of MemberShoppers lies in our groundbreaking MXPerformance Coaching System. MXPerformance makes it easy for coaches to recognize high performers and identify underperformers. Built-in tools guide coaches step-by-step in having conversations that lead to setting challenging goals that turn good employees into brand ambassadors.

Experience concierge-level program management.

We know you’re busy. As a MemberShoppers user, you’ll have a dedicated client manager who will take you from start-to-finish during the implementation phase and then manager your shopping program day-to-day. Your client manager will advise you on custom questions, instruct your shoppers on an ongoing basis, and personally review every shop for quality.

Get results fast.

Don’t wait until the end of the month to get shop results. Everyone from the CEO to branch managers can access shopping results 24/7 as they’re completed through MXProdigy, our intuitive technology platform.

Our email notification system alerts executive and coaches when new shops are delivered.

Track trends on the fly or drill deep into shop scores by delivery channel, shop type, team, and employee.

Benchmark against true peers.

Because we’re among the largest providers of mystery shopping services for credit unions, we have the one of the largest peer data banks in the industry. Compare your credit union to peers at a glance with MXPeer’s color-coded score and benchmarks that extend to the individual question level.