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Create An Unparalleled Member Experience with MemberView

Listen to members. Every day. Everywhere.

Don’t limit feedback to a single channel. Create listening posts for your members at every touchpoint. MemberView’s omnichannel system lets you customize a voice of member program that works for your credit union.

  • Credit union branded email survey invitations to online survey
  • Inbound and outbound phone surveys
  • Mobile app and home banking survey links
  • QR codes and survey links on teller receipts, in-branch signage, and more
  • In-branch tablet surveys
  • Website intercepts tabs, pop-ups, and exit surveys

Customize surveys for every member experience.

We’ll guide you in creating custom surveys for every delivery channel and every member experience.

  • Applying for and closing a loan—consumer, mortgage, or small business—at every delivery
  • channel including your website
  • Joining the credit union
  • Opening a new account
  • Completing a transaction in-person, through the contact center, or via an electronic channel
  • Meeting with a financial planner or insurance advisor
  • And much, much more…With MemberView you can evaluate dozens of events across all delivery channels.

Act immediately. Save accounts. Get more business.

Your credit union can’t wait until the end of the month to respond to members. MemberView includes real-time action alerts emailed directly to you.

  • Customized low-score alerts let you respond to potential defection immediately.
  • Fresh sales leads that generate greater share of wallet.
  • Automatically push positive comments to social media.
  • Automatically thank members who respond to let them know their voice was heard.
  • Automate rewards and drawings that increase response rates.

Get all of the Key Loyalty Indicators.

Don’t limit your performance tracking to one metric. MemberView includes all of the following drillable to the branch, team, and individual performer levels:

  • MXPromoter Scoring
  • Member Effort Scoring
  • Member Satisfaction Scoring

Find out how MemberView can give your credit union a 360° view of the member experience.

Take a Deep Data Dive.

MXProdigy, our intelligent online technology platform, lets you mine your member feedback for rich insights.

  • See all results by member characteristics—age, loyalty, walletshare, and more…
  • Analyze multi-touch processes like lending to identify roadblocks in the member journey.
  • Track trends by experience type, delivery channel, member characteristics, region, branch, and employee.
  • Use MXPeer to compare your credit union to top performers for every member experience.
  • Find answers to inform your marketing strategy with MXProdigy’s customized, voice-of-member marketing report.

Create unparalleled member experiences with engaged employees and peerless processes.

A brand-differentiating member experience requires engaged employees working within peerless processes. MemberView gives everyone on your team the power to continually improve both people and processes.

Our groundbreaking MXPerformance Member-centric culture development program makes it easy for coaches to recognize high performers and identify underperformers. Built-in tools guide coaches step-by-step in having conversations that lead to setting challenging goals that increase employee engagement. Your custom quarterly mission-based leadership package blends member stories and performance recognition to embed your credit union’s values into the culture.

Spend less time identifying business process problems and more time fixing them with MXProdigy’s, click-to-generate Process Improvement planning tools. Make sense of member comments and scores with one easy-to-follow document for process improvement teams.