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Set goals and track progress with MXPeer.

Quartile Analysis

On-the-fly peer comparison reports show how your credit union’s scores on high level measures like MXPromoter, MXEffort and more stack up against quartiles of bottom, low, median, high, and top scores across the industry.

Experience Type Peer Data

Drill down to the experience level to see how you compare to peers in lending, new account opening, new member ratings, and more.

Survey Question Peer Data

MXPeer groups questions so you can craft your own custom questions and compare them to similar questions used by other credit unions. With MXPeer you can make comparisons on specific factors such as how members evaluate your hours or how welcome members feel in a branch.

Custom Performance Goal Recommendations

Each year you’ll receive a complete MXPeer goal-setting guide, customized for your credit union. We’ll blend your results with peer data to recommend stretch goals for your credit union, your branch teams, and your employees. Use reliable data to hold group and individuals accountable for performance. We’ll work with you to recommend score metrics that integrate into your performance management system.

Monitor Coaching Progress

Monitor Performance in Real TimeOnce your goals are set, we’ll load them into our online reporting system, MXProdigy, so you can monitor progress in real time. Don’t wait until month-end, quarter-end, or year-end to see how you’re doing. See goal versus actual data in the moment to make quick course corrections.

MXPeer is 100% included for every MemberShoppers and MemberView user.