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Create a Credit Union Dream Team with MXPerformance.

Big data can drive organizational strategy, but it’s the little slices of data—used consistently for coaching employees—that drive organizational excellence. MXPerformance is the credit union industry’s only comprehensive program for driving high performance based on members’ stories, providing training and tools for leaders to engage employees in creating an extraordinary member experience.

Everything Starts at the Top

Organizations that beat their peers in customer experience ratings have 50% more engaged employees than those that lag according to the Temkin Group. And one of the key drivers of employee engagement is for employees to feel they are informed about the organization’s vision and strategy.

Introducing a mystery shopping or member feedback program can create undue anxiety among employees. They fear it’ll be a “gotcha” experience that punishes them for doing things wrong.

MXPerformance provides a suite of tools for executives to use in introducing your custom voice of member program—taking points, customized PowerPoint presentation, and more so you start off on the right foot.

And to keep the momentum going, you’ll receive a quarterly Executive Mission-Based Leadership Package to build and maintain a member-centric culture. We’ll identify and recognize top performers and teams. And we’ll include shopper and member stories that create a shared understanding of your credit union’s mission.

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Coaching is Critical

Consistent, effective coaching is the key driver of any performance improvement program. Engaged employees cite positive reinforcement from their coach as the number one reason they go above and beyond.

MXPerformance includes unrivaled, credit union-specific coaching training and tools to make your voice of member program a success. We’ll start with a customized, onsite or Webinar Coaching Essentials Course to get your coaches ready for success. As new coaches are hired into your credit union, use our on-demand Coaching Essentials Course modules to build their skill.

MXPerformance gives your trained coaches all of the tools they need to build their dream teams. With the click of a mouse, they can download individual employee coaching plans complete with customized coaching tips, coaching sessions planning tools, and performance improvement action plans.

Executives can actively track coaching progress and follow-up with mystery shops and surveys with the Coaching Progress tracking tool.

MXPerformance Coaching Essentials Course

Module 1: You Make the Difference: The Critical Role of Coaching in Creating an Extraordinary Member Experience

Module 2: Motivating Your Team: How to Tackle Underperformance

Module 3: Avoiding the Parent Trap

Module 4: Positive Reinforcement: The Magic 5:1 Ratio

Module 5: Establishing a Daily Coaching Practice

Module 6: Conducting an Effective 1:1 Meeting to Share Member Feedback

Module 7: Confronting Underperformance and Creating Action Plans

Module 8: Reward, Train, or Coach: Diagnosing Employee Performance with Member Feedback

Team and Individual Recognition

Recognition is critical to maintaining employee engagement. MXPerformance provides executive leaders with a turnkey quarterly recognition program based on your credit union’s custom parameters.

We’ll help you set custom stretch goals for the credit union, your teams, and individual performers based on your credit union’s benchmarks and our MXPeer data.

MXPerformance includes customized annual recommendations for integrating your results into individual performance evaluations to increase accountability.

Be a Part of a Supportive CU Coaching Community

When you become a MemberShoppers or MemberView user, your coaches are immediately part of our active and supportive coaching community. We share coaching tips and best practices via e-letters, Webinars, and blog posts.

In addition, your leaders and coaches will have on-demand phone access to our MXPerformance consultants.

MXPerformance is 100% included for every MemberShoppers and MemberView user.