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Map the member journey with MXProdigy Dynamic Analytics.

Data is a dead end on the road to an exceptional member journey unless you have the analytics and tools to drive improvement.
Enter MXProdigy, our proprietary, dynamic analytic platform. Everyone from your CEO to your branch managers can be in the driver’s seat with MXProdigy’s role-based access. See the results of mystery shops and voice of member surveys with a single log-in.

Dynamic, Graphical Reporting

MXProdigy helps people visualize and understand data. Track overall trends or drill down to the regional level, team level, branch level or individual shop or survey.

Perfect the Lending Experience with Multi-Touch Analysis

MXProdigy lets you uncover the highs and the lows of multi-touch member experiences such as lending with pinpoint precision. In today’s omnichannel world, a typical loan might originate on the Web, get approved by a loan processor, and be closed by a telephone representative. That’s a great journey for the member, but there are plenty of places to stumble along the way. MXProdigy breaks omnichannel and multi-touch experiences into distinct parts for scoring and analysis so you can take action where it’s critical.

Automate the Member Journey Improvement Process

Spend less time identifying business process problems and more time fixing them with MXProdigy’s click-to-generate Process Improvement planning tools. Make sense of member comments and scores with one easy-to-follow document for process improvement teams.

Act in the Present Tense

MXProdigy allows everyone in the credit union to act immediately.

  • Shop alerts to let executives and coaches know when new shops arrive.
  • Customized survey low-score alerts let you respond to potential defection immediately.
  • Fresh sales leads help you monetize your results.

Monitor Coaching Progress

Regional managers, sales managers, and executives can monitor coaching activity online with MXProdigy’s proprietary Coaching Progress Report. MXProdigy tracks which coaches have accessed coaching reports and lets coaches communicate about the actions they are taking to improve performance.

Voice of Member Marketing Report

Worried that your members are getting too many surveys? Integrate your marketing research with MemberView. MXProdigy’s drillable, graphical reports let you test product concepts, gauge advertising effectiveness, and much more.

MXProdigy Dynamic Analytics are 100% included for every MemberShoppers and MemberView user.