Our passion is helping credit unions create an extraordinary member experience.

  • We’re a group of credit union evangelists and we do what we do for one reason—to make credit unions the number one choice for financial consumers.
  • We believe in the power of credit unions to make a difference in the financial lives of their members. We think the best way to spread the word is by creating an engaging member experiences at every credit union every day.
  • Let’s just say we’re on a mission here in sunny Denver, Colorado, one of the nation’s fastest growing startup communities.

Our History

In 1995, company founder Constance Anderson got involved in helping a small group of credit unions advertise their services. With a marketing degree and a background in corporate marketing, she was surprised to learn about the amazing work that these financial cooperatives were doing. But she was also dismayed to find few of the people she met had ever heard of a credit union.

Inspired by that small group of credit union leaders, Anderson wrote the original marketing textbook for credit unions, Credit Union Marketing with a Strategic Focus. The book was published in 1995 by The Credit Union National Association as part of its Credit Union Certified Executive curriculum. With its publication Anderson got to know thousands of credit union champions who agreed that credit unions would need to develop professional marketing departments and real marketing budgets to get the word out.

And get the word out, they did! Ten years later even the smallest of credit unions had marketing plans and most had marketing professionals onboard.

That’s how a startup called MemberShoppers.com was founded. In 2007, Anderson realized that credit unions needed actionable, affordable research to back up their marketing strategies. That year, she and a small team developed the first credit union-specific mystery shopping program, MemberShoppers. In true cooperative spirit, they fostered the idea that members themselves could provide the best feedback. From its original 3 beta-test credit unions, MemberShoppers grew to serve over 80 credit unions, making it the country’s largest credit union mystery shopping provider.

Our comprehensive, omnichannel Member Experience Suite followed in 2014, but we’ve never lost sight of our original mission.

Although our team and our member user group have grown, we’re still committed to a few simple principles.

We believe in practicing what we preach.
We believe that 2 (or 200) heads are better than one.
Our goal is to provide our credit union users with the kind of personalized service they provide to members. That’s why we give each of our users a credit union client concierge.
We think our credit union users have the best ideas for making our products better so we are committed to listening to our strong, involved user group.

We believe that actions are better than words (or numbers).
We believe that credit unions make the world a better place.
We understand that credit union executives and coaches are very busy people so we build in action tools that make it simple to use big data.
We want everyone to belong to a credit union. Our job is to make sure credit unions have a clear path for creating positive word of mouth. We support our user credit unions and other credit union organizations as they engage in their communities.