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Engage your own members to deliver nuanced, qualitative insights for coaching staff and to improve the quality of your sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, and an adherence to brand standards.
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***NOTICE***   If you are a potential mystery shopper, please beware: 

We've been notified that emails and/or letters may be circulating with the MemberXP logo, requesting purchase of gift cards to assess service.  The offenders may even provide a fraudulent check to complete the task.  MemberXP will NEVER ask shoppers to purchase anything, as we only ask questions related to the service received from the credit union.
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Mystery shopping has a direct impact
on your overall profitability and ROI​.

Member-focused credit unions outpaced the industry average in return on assets by 77%.
Improve profitability by delivering a better member experience than your competitors, strengthening your brand loyalty, reducing member acquisition cost and increasing retention.
providing more than 500,000 insights.
MemberXP shoppers are members of the credit union they are shopping for.
MemberXP mystery shoppers monitor, measure, and manage member
service across all your branches and call centers.


Engage your front-line staff with ordinary members who have been trained to assess service levels and score predefined touchpoints consistently and correctly every time.

Get solutions, insights, and results that evolve to meet your changing needs and requirements.
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Collect detailed and accurate feedback related to employee performance, with relatively low data sets.

Measure the consistency of your brand standards and compliance, ensuring the highest levels of member experience across every touchpoint.

All MemberXP mystery shop reports and deliverables pass through a multi-step quality control, verification, and audit process designed to provide timely data that you can rely on.
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Receive streamlined insights from your dedicated Success Manager, as they track your complete member experience from behind-the-scenes.

System notifications alert executives and coaches in real-time when new shops are delivered.

Built-in coaching tools powered by a combination of qualitative and quantitative feedback create a member-centric staff culture.
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