We empower credit unions to put 
members at the center of every decision.

MemberXP helps credit unions with the process of questioning: questioning the problem, questioning the assumptions, and questioning the implications. We systematically extract, teach, learn, and apply human-centered techniques to solve problems and illuminate opportunities for credit unions in a creative and innovative way.
At our core, we believe that credit unions make the world a better place. So, we are passionate about providing them the same level of personalized service that they provide to their members.

We have created a simple, easy-to-use suite of products that help create brand-defining member experiences — understanding member perspectives, providing actionable insights, with post-research tools to make sense of it all.
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Relentless commitment to reinvention.

MemberShoppers, the first credit union-specific mystery shopping program, is introduced and rapidly adopted by more than 80 credit unions. In true cooperative spirit, this new program fosters the belief that members themselves will provide the best qualitative feedback.
A unique digital survey platform called MemberXP is introduced as a quantitative compliment to the already hugely successful flagship solution and within months more than 1,000 daily member responses are processed.
CU Solutions Group acquires MemberXP as part of an ambitious strategy to make advanced, data-driven marketing technology accessible to all credit unions. Increased resources and synergies drive daily member responses to more than 8000 per day.
Our team remains as committed as ever to enabling clients to deeply and empathetically understand their members, while providing actional insights, with post-research tools and expert guidance to make sense of it all.


No matter what we're doing,
we strive to be our best.

Since day one, our brand and business have been based on five key tenets. Our values guide the way we work, the products we build, and our public identity. In turn, they guide our clients to succeed.

We are for transformation.

The incremental improvements that close the gaps, and the seismic shifts that alter a credit union’s brand.

The ones inspired by an ability to see what others don’t so you can serve in ways others can’t.

Transformations that turn members into fanatics, employees into ambassadors, products into empowerment, and services into life changing opportunity.

The transformations that come from a conviction that every member voice holds value, every interaction is an opportunity, and every experience matters.

We’re for transformational experiences and those bold enough to chase them.
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We challenge the status quo.

We are credit union evangelists and we do what we do for one reason—to make credit unions the number one choice for financial consumers.

We believe in the power of credit unions to make a difference in the lives of their members and we think an engaging experience is what makes this possible.

We focus on guiding our clients to be their best.

MemberXP creates transformation using clear solutions. We help dismantle old systems to build better ways of doing things. While technology matters, it is only as effective as the foundational elements that enable it to be effective.

Credit union leaders are responsible for establishing company culture, while also directing the operational decisions that impact the systems and solutions used by both employees and members. We help them understand how to lead their teams to deliver exceptional member experiences.
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