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MemberXP measures the touchpoints of every experience, as it occurs. From joining the credit union, to getting a loan to using your mobile app, and everywhere in between. We'll ask the right questions at the right time across all of your unique member journeys.
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Solving the biggest challenges
facing credit union professionals today.

Of members have permanently stopped using a product after one bad experience.​
Improve customer satisfaction by capturing and analyzing signals at every touchpoint, predicting behavior, and creating experiences that keep members wanting more. ​
Of credit union professionals feel they don’t have enough information or the right kind of information about their members.​
Empower your team to develop financial products members love. Understand usage, collect contextual feedback, and test concepts that meet and exceed member needs.
Members who say they’d promote the credit union to others actually do it.​
Make it easy for your fans to tell the world about your brand.​

Solicit testimonials and track their use with our built-in social media reporting, integrated with every platform.
From instant member feedback to turn-key NPS® monitoring, MemberXP
makes it easy to listen and take action throughout the member journey.

Boost member happiness by listening and taking action.

Distribute credit union branded surveys designed to optimize response rates.

Improve retention and loyalty by monitoring NPS, Member Effort Score, and other Key Performance Indicators over time and benchmarking against your peers.

Analyze feedback as it comes in 24/7 to pinpoint key drivers and revenue impact so you can take meaningful actions.
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Every member interaction creates an opportunity

Establish listening posts and get custom upsell alerts at every touchpoint.

MemberXP advance logic powers open-ended questions, closed-ended questions, nominal questions, Likert scale questions, ordinal questions, and ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

Implement bold change with the confidence that real-time learning empowers iterative innovation and quick course corrections.
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Understand how 
you stack up

Filter peer group data on the fly by credit union asset size, membership size, geographical region and more.

Drill down to see how you compare to peers in lending, new account opening, new member ratings, and key demographics.

Receive a customized annual goal-setting guide that uses your results and peer data to recommend stretch goals for your credit union, your branch teams, and your employees.
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Create a culture of member centricity

Trigger surveys and follow-up actions from your existing business systems.

Empower your teams to make informed decisions and leverage reliable individual score metrics for transparency and accountability.

MemberXP integrations allow you to seamlessly bring survey data into the apps your team already uses.
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Export analyzed and raw data to extract insights that cater to the unique business objectives for your credit union.​
Performance Pro
Establish goals, access proven coaching tools and filter only the feedback directly influenced by your staff to manage team and individual performance and incentives.​
FI Strategies
Our consulting partners have been trained on the MemberXP tools and will work with your team to take results to the next level.​

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