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Create a culture of empowerment, innovation and creativity. Listen, act, and transform employee satisfaction and loyalty.
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Thoughtfully increase engagement and drive
ROI with added productivity and higher retention.

Onboarding survey
Find out if you’re answering the most important questions about your culture and if individuals understand how their role fits into your organization.
Exit survey
MemberXP helps you better understand how to reduce unwanted turnover and make your departing employees feel heard.
Interaction survey
Happy, high-performing employees create the best member experiences. Leverage built-in coaching tools for performance improvement and accountability.
Engagement surveys
Choose from over 300 questions, or write your own, to monitor your culture and find out what your employees are experiencing.
Measuring and optimizing the employee experience provides your
teams with the things they need to perform at their best.

Ask the right questions

Stop attrition in its tracks with a complete understanding of employee satisfaction — helping you identify improvement areas and build the best workplace possible.

Keep a constant pulse on employee engagement, measuring your impact and identifying improvement areas through targeted people surveys.

Select from our research-backed survey library designed exclusively for credit union employees, then customize for your specific needs related to employee wellbeing, diversity, inclusion, change readiness, and more.
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Understand the results

Set permissions for executives and coaches to access relevant, real-time participation rates, scores, hotspots, comparisons and more, so key influencers can be fully informed at all times.

Empower People and Culture teams to understand the current mood of your staff and where their motivational triggers are.

Benchmark your results against credit unions like yours and track your progress with staff and member experiences all within the MemberXP platform.
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Take action together

Leverage learnings from hundreds of credit unions across the US and Canada to build an engaged workplace with better profitability, productivity, member loyalty, and more.

Managers and teams will have all the tools they need to observe how new initiatives impact the employee experience in real-time, so you can course-correct or double-down.

Training for coaches is included with MemberXP, including best practices on how to share team and individual results and create meaningful, actionable internal service improvement plans.
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