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MemberXP Best of the Best Award Designation

CUSG has announced its 2023 MemberXP Best of the Best awards, recognizing credit unions setting the standards in delivering exceptional experiences while building long-lasting relationships with their members, one interaction at a time.

The Best of the Best award is presented annually to credit unions that consistently provide extraordinary service, as informed by their own members. More than 300,000 experiential evaluations were completed in 2022, providing data on key performance indicators and specific feedback regarding financial experiences, such as opening an account, applying for a loan, or conducting a mobile transaction. With an 11% YOY increase in the number of credit unions using MemberXP, the winners represent the best-in-class of the customer service industry.

Across two universal CX metrics, Net Promoter Score (NPS)® and Member Effort Score (MES), rankings are determined and verified. The top 25% of MemberXP performers in each financial experience receive the awards. The awards are representative of all points of interaction, including in-person, mobile, online and via phone.

Winners awarded top honors in each experiential category are:

#1 Ranked

1.      Best Transaction Experience - Catholic & Community Credit Union

2.      Best Consumer Loan Experience - Catholic & Community Credit Union

3.      Best New Member Experience - NATCO Credit Union

4.      Best New Account Experience - Genco Federal Credit Union

5.      Best Mobile App Experience - Visions Federal Credit Union

6.      Best Online Banking Experience - Vermont Federal Credit Union

7.      Best Mortgage Loan Experience - Park Side Financial Credit Union

8.      Best Financial Planning Experience - Service 1st Federal Credit Union

9.      Best Member Care Experience - Harris County Federal Credit Union

10.   Best Member Advocacy - Red Canoe Credit Union

11.   Most Reliable Staff - TVA Community Credit Union

12.   Most Appreciative Staff - Educational Systems Federal Credit Union

13.   Best Overall Member Experience - NATCO Credit Union

Best Member Advocacy, Most Reliable Staff and Most Appreciative Staff are based on qualitative data collected via the MemberXP mystery shopping program. Credit unions focusing on deeper insights and expanded detail relative to in-person service excellence, were awarded these achievements.

New this year, credit unions that collect feedback for the Transaction, Consumer Loan, and New Member experiences, were eligible for the Best Overall Member Experience award. This is a grand achievement in the CX world!

“Congratulations to NATCO Credit Union and all the recipients of a Best of the Best award. These credit unions are at the forefront of delivering exceptional experiences that resonate with members. With the ultimate goal of driving financial well-being, it’s imperative now more than ever for credit unions to listen to valuable feedback from their communities and take measurable action. We praise, celebrate, and commit to growing our credit union partners toward these goals.”

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